Sunday, May 18, 2014

Boxes for what?

The thing about moving is you never know how many boxes you're going to need. You don't want to wind up with too many you don't need but you don't want to have to run to the store to get more every time you find yourself short.

I look around the house and I have no idea what is worth boxing up. A lot of the stuff, like pictures on the wall, is too big to be boxed up. Then there are the things that you're still using, like silverware and plates. At what point do you switch to paper plates like you hear people do when they move? They seem convenient for cleaning but kind of a waste of money too. I can box up my clothes, but I still need them to get through the next week and a half that we're here. I have boxed up some, but how many should I leave? Same situation for the kids--I don't want to leave everything last minute but don't want to have to rummage through boxes either.

Most knicknacks and small pictures have been packed, and I've gone through all our "junk drawers" and packed what we use and thrown out what is truly junk. (Found a lot of treasures too!)

We don't want to make the house too "bare" as we need to keep the house as pretty as possible for continued showings. Another reason why we aren't packing too early.

So basically, I have a feeling  that the "real packing" will be happening sometime next week, and I have a feeling we will be super busy with it too.

Ah, and the refrigerator! We are going to buy the refrigerator next week too! Is it weird that I'm excited about this? We will be using my money from selling rosaries on Etsy--my pride and joy of finally being able to truly help out in some way with the expense of what the house needs! How is it that we have been able to pay Mark back for the Escroe money he lent us, plus somehow get money for a fridge all in one month? God is truly providing!

So I am mentally counting down the days--not necessarily out of excitement or dread--but because it's all going so fast. I will miss this house and all the memories in it and in a way, I'm trying to hang onto the "the familiar" before everything changes.

Till next time~

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