Tuesday, April 4, 2017

More concerns

We had just finished Max's IEP meeting, which was very long and complicated. Now we were onto Luke's IEP, which I thought would be a breeze compared to Max's. "Now for the easy one!" I joked to one of the teachers. She smiled at me but didn't say anything. Now I know why.

 Here I thought we were back on the road to normalization and instead, teachers are asking if Luke has had a CAT scan or MRI and if not, would we consider getting him one?

They stated many concerns and regressions in academics: he has forgotten everything he's learned and has to be retaught in many areas. In Phy Ed, he has had a huge set-back. Whereas last year he was average to above-average, he is now significantly is below average. His large motor skills are all screwed up. Can no longer run normally.

Can't seem to tie his shoes anymore, doesn't know how. He doesn't know how to brush his teeth anymore, I have to help him with it. He brushes his teeth much like a two or three year old would.

His OT said his handwriting has gotten significantly worse and doesn't seem to be getting better.
They were all pretty worried and said these indicators are not from missed school but signs of something going on neurologically.

What is happening to my Luke???

It was a difficult meeting and hard not to unravel in tears. So I held it all in and began to feel flushed and feverish, which is what happens when I hit my max stress.

You never want to hear teachers requesting an MRI or CAT Scan. You never want to hear them volunteer to write out all their concerns to show the neurologist at our next appointment. You never want to hear them ask for you to sign medical releases, so they can talk to the doctors freely.

I don't know what's going on with Luke. Please pray for him .


  1. Yikes. He's absolutely at the top of my prayer list. Plus sacrifices. Hang in there.

  2. Done... Let me know if I can do anything to help out. Hugs to you all.

  3. Yes, very concerning. I'll be praying.
    Why did they wait to tell you his regressions until the IEP meeting? Duh!
    It's interesting that you have also seen regression @ home in lifeskills.
    How about socially?
    I would set up the scan sooner rather than later.Rule things out or begin intervention sooner.
    Love, Joanie Shew

  4. Thanks all. Yes, got a drs appointment this coming Wednesday. We'll see what's going on.