Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I hate moving (In Pictures!)

Ok, so I think I hate moving.

I realize there are bigger problems in the world out there, but I gotta tell you, my cup runneth over and it's not with love.

I'm so very tired. We have been "moving" since this morning, if that's what you want to call it. Basically it just feels like we're moving boxes and furniture around. I don't help carry furniture anymore (face meets fridge--long story) and there is no one to help Dennis with loading the truck today. But I have packing nonstop. And the more we pack away, the less I have to work with to entertain the kids, to feed the kids and yes, entertain the kids. I know I said that twice but it needs emphasis.

We took a little break later to go through the final walk-thru of our new house; a formality, I guess. Um, walking through the house this last time almost made me want to change my mind. We found NEW problems to the house. Every time we go, it seems something is falling off or falling apart. This time, it was our outdoor lamp that was literally hanging by wires from the house. Not sure what happened to it since the last time we were there...maybe a bird landed on it??

And then there were new mice droppings...Max found hornets in his room, and the door leading to the basement literally has fallen off the hinges.

The "cat pee smell" is 100xs stronger thanks to the humidity. We were all holding our noses, including Judy the realtor.

But the hardest part of the day was when we got news from our mortgage guy that our closing date set for tomorrow may likely have to be put off, thanks to some screw up done on paperwork. When it was corrected, we were put back in Que but basically lost our place. So our paperwork that should have been reviewed in time for closing is still not being reviewed until later...whenever they get to it--and this is what puts off our closing day. We can't close until the paperwork is reviewed.

In the meantime, we have the truck nearly packed. All our necessities are in the truck and the thought of "doing without" and living with the bare minimum (which would be camping cots since the beds are packed, a few change of clothes and paper and crayons for entertainment) is an unbearable thought right now. I'm just too tired to think that it might be a few more days of this. I'm trying to find the silver lining that "at least we're not sleeping in the truck!" but even that fails to cheer me up.

I guess we know now why God let the other couple back out. Had they stayed, we would have no choice but to live in the truck for a few days.

 But we are hanging on to hope that the paperwork will be reviewed in time for closing tomorrow. There is still a chance. And if it's not reviewed in time for closing tomorrow, then there is a better chance we will close on Thursday. Worst case scenerio is that we'll close on Friday.

In the meantime, this is how the house looks right now:

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Girls room
Kids are sleeping on cots in the sunroom
I'm thankful Dennis left our bed for last

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