Monday, May 12, 2014


So this is how my life has become: it's all about today. I can't think ahead to tomorrow, and I can't even remember yesterday.

I don't deal with "chaos" very well. I used to think that I did, but apparently I don't. There's just way too much going on and if could, I would take some of those things out.

For instance, today we had a showing at 10:45. Yesterday it was Mother's Day and although I tried to keep the house in somewhat good condition, the kids apparently trashed the downstairs with paper while I was putting together the food for the picnic for mom's celebration. We then had to leave and then run to Mass and then it was bedtime. So this morning I spent the day cleaning the entire house and trying to keep it in "showroom ready" condition. This is sort of hard to do with two little kids running around.

First, while I was cleaning the bedrooms, they decided they wanted to make a trampoline, so they took all the couch cushions off the couch. Then, while I put Henry in for a bath (mainly to keep him contained), Anna decided she was going to set up a picnic, so she took out all his blankies from his crib that I had neatly folded in his room. Then, after I cleaned that up, I turned on the TV for Anna and Henry while I cleaned up all the water Henry spilled on the bathroom floor.

I focused on the living room and kitchen while they watched T.V but pretty soon they got bored of that and began to pull things out of their rooms again. I shooed them downstairs and straightened the bedrooms for the final time and began to vacuum. As I was vacuuming,  I noticed a strange glow coming from the living room. That glow is only there when the front door is open which meant the kids snuck outside, knowing they weren't supposed to. Sure enough, I saw them hopping all over in glee on the porch and I got angry and gave them both a pat on the butt and sent them downstairs. By now, I was covered in sweat with exertion from running back and forth and vacuuming and the "kids being kids" was starting to get to me.

After that, the kids knew I meant business and Anna started to help clean up the downstairs and even Henry behaved a little better. I gave them hugs to let them know we were friends again and we cleaned up all the paper off the floor. I vacuumed downstairs and then gave everything a final inspection, makings sure doors were closed, toilets seats were down, no weird smells were lingering and set out all the pamplets containing information on our house. Such is how it all goes before every showing.

During the showing, we went to get Anna's hair cut. Technically, Max needs one more but Anna loves getting her hair done and it had been a while since she had a haircut.

During this time, my phone rang and it was ReMaxx, with more showing requests. I denied one today already, because we have an apt at the time they wanted to see the house. They called back again and asked to come at 4 instead. I didn't want to deny them twice, so I said ok.

While I was waiting for Anna, I had to keep Henry contained and had him on my lap. For once, he was being calm and sitting nicely. Suddenly, I felt a strange hot sensation spreading from my pelvis to my legs and with a gasp, I jerked Henry off my lap. Sure enough, I was covered in Henry's pee and Henry's pants were completely wet. Apparently his diaper--which had seemed fine before we left--filled like a water balloon and exploded. I took him to the bathroom to take his diaper off completely and just hoped he was done peeing for now, since I didn't have another with me.

After Anna's haircut, we drove by the house to see if the people had left yet. They were all still there (it seems that everyone including aunts and uncles go to these showings), so we decided to go to the library. Believe it or not, I had forgotten all about being peed on but I remembered quickly once I got out of the car and the cool air hit me. We went to the library anyway and the kids were very good and picked out a few books. Henry had been sitting nicely on one of the chairs doing a puzzle. When we were about to leave, I went to get him and noticed a puddle on the chair. My gosh, the kid peed again! I wondered where it was all coming from, since he only drank a sippy cup at breakfast. I talked to the librarian about it and told her I would clean it up but she was very nice about it and told me she would take care of it. I was grateful since Henry's pants were now soaked. Before, they were only a little wet, thanks to me--I took the brunt of it.

So what I have going for today is that we have an appointment with Max and Luke's caseworker. Every year, the kids need to be re-evaluated to make sure they still qualify for services. This means that the caseworker has me fill out a long questionnaire, and then she interviews me on each kid. It takes about 2 hours, which is why I denied the first request for the showing. After she interviews me, she then interviews each kid when they get home from school. So now this poses a problem because it means that technically our interview will be over, but she will still need to talk to the kids and they don't get off the bus until about 4:15. The showing is at 4:00. See the problem?

I didn't think about this when I approved the showing and was reluctant to cancel since I had already canceled on this realtor this morning. So I called back ReMaxx and explained the situation; I told her that we will do the showing at 4:00 but we will be parked outside in our cars waiting for the bus. We will then kidnap the kids before they run screaming into the house since the kids have no idea there is a showing today. Then we will all head to the park where the kids can play and the caseworker can finish her interview. Hopefully it won't rain.

We also have another showing at 7:00-8:00 tonight.

Not sure what we will do for supper, since we will only have an hour in-between showings and it doesn't seem worth messing up the kitchen. But this is usually how it goes; these showings are always around the supper hour. There was a time when we hadn't eaten in our home for 3 days.

It does get expensive and tiresome always feeding the kids fast food, though they love it. If I think ahead, and if I have time, I try to make a "picnic lunch" and we eat at the park. This hasn't worked out often though, because it always seems to be raining.

So that is why I can only focus on "today". Any other problem that comes up has to be put on hold or blocked out or I find myself falling apart. The appointments that have to be done in order for the kids to qualify for M.A is a pain, and everything--and I do mean everything--is due in May, so I have no choice but to fit them in.

Let's hope all the effort and work pays off quickly and a buyer is found!


  1. Hi Becky! Just wanted you to know that I read your blog and am happy you are blogging again even with all the stuff that is going on in your life. Whew! It makes me tired just reading about it. I like your attitude about your new house. You can see both the pros (big yard, more space, nice neighborhood) and cons (holes, bugs, dirt) about it but know that what makes a house a happy home is the family that lives there. It sounds like most of what is wrong with the house is fixable. From what you have done with your current house to get it ready to show, both you and Dennis are very capable of working and fixing up your new home to make it your dream home. A scary and challenging, but exciting, time for you and the family. I think you are smart to just focus on "today". Things will run their course and everything will get done and all will be well. Give it to God to worry about.
    Can't believe the comments you got about your house! With all the work you guys have done, I think your house looks great! Very comfy, attractive and livable. I love your kitchen. Don't take the comments personally. Usually it's people trying to get the price lowered by pointing out imagined "defects". They make stuff up. I remember when we were looking for a house and asked to see one on the spur of the moment. The owner said sure if we didn't mind that she hadn't had a chance to pick up stuff. We said not to worry, we understood and not to go to any extra trouble. We looked around and I thought it was nice to see how an actual family lived in the house with the toys and magazines and clothes still in place. It wasn't at all dirty, just a little cluttered, and it still looked nice. And it felt like a happy home, not just a house. I know the realtors want things to look like a showroom, and maybe that is the smart way to sell a house, but I don't think it makes or breaks things to have the house actually look like someone lives there! Anyway, I think you and Dennis are doing a wonderful job navigating this uncharted territory. Best of luck on this exciting new chapter of your life together. I'm looking forward to reading all about it! :)

  2. You're convincing me to never move again! Oy.


  3. Thanks DeAnna, I agree! And Susan, I don't think I ever want to move again either!

    And just to show again how muddled I've become, I completely forgot about Lucy's gymnastics today. :-( She was pretty disappointed. I also forgot all about Max's drs appointment tomorrow--thank goodness he remembered.