Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our second biggest investment

Now that we seem to finally have the dog pee smell under control, we are considering making our second biggest investment--putting in the floor. (The house being the 1st biggest investment, in case you didn't catch that!)

The laminate that I had saved up for for the dining room had to be returned. After looking at it, Dennis decided that it wasn't going to work because it was too thin, plus, it was the sticker kind. It wasn't water-proof which isn't ideal for a floor that will be washed often, and eventually, the stickiness would wear out. So we returned the laminate flooring and thankfully I still got my money back.

I'm thinking of using the money to put in a new medicine cabinet. Basically, everything in this house is either broken or from the 70s, so it will all have to be replaced at some point. Granted, the medicine cabinet "works" but it's one of those tri-mirror ones where you flip open one mirror and all the medicine topples out. (Think: Father of the Bride scene where he's looking through the in-laws medicine cabinets.) I have my eye on a nice cherry wood medicine cabinet with only one door to open where you can see everything at the same time--not these silly 3 mirror door things where you have to guess which door the band aides are hiding.

Anyway, Dennis decided this is one project he didn't want to do because he wants it to be done right and he already has a lot to do as it is. So with the laminate that we picked out (a nice white/gray oak), plus the padding that goes underneath, plus the labor, it comes out to about $6000.

Six thousand dollars!!!

Dennis says he's not positive we're going to do it, yet, he has ripped out all the flooring from the foyer so it makes me think that we are going to do it. He can be confusing like that.

I went around the house and did a second round of pouring vinegar topped with baking soda on all the dog pee stains. The Home Depot guys say they won't work on a floor with urine on it. Wimps.

That's just one picture of one huge stain but they are basically all over the living room plywood floor, as well as down the hall. We still have to rip out the girls carpet (it wasn't too bad, compared to the rest of the house but now we that the smell is leaving the living room we can smell it more clearly in the girls room), and also the dining room carpet.

After this, we aren't going to do anymore updates or renovations. We'll just be focusing on paying off the debt. It's not going to be easy to just wait for the rest to be done, that's for sure. But the floor will be nice. If it looks just like it does in my minds eye, it will look awesome. :-)

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