Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A New Toilet

Yup. I wasn't kidding when I said I was going to blog about everything we fix, update or replace in this house. Even the toilets! Because toilets were one of the first things I wanted replaced since we moved in except we had to wait to get the money for it.

Both toilets have to be replaced so we went with the worst out of the two. Unfortunately for me, it was the downstairs toilet that won; but I'm glad that the kids have a clean toilet to use when they're playing downstairs. Also to refer guests to--in case we ever have any, ha.

The downstairs bathroom is still kind of gross but having a new toilet makes it a lot easier. The old toilet was also causing us a lot of money because it would run every time someone would flush it. The previous owner had some sort of chain connected to the pump to fix the problem except it never worked for us. Every time the kids would use the toilet they would have to put their hands into the yucky tank and grab the chain and pull it except it would never stop running. Dennis tried fixing it too, but it never did get fully fixed--which resulted to us having a water bill that was double due to the constant running toilet. We tried to get the kids to not flush the toilet only if they were going "number 2" but having a son with autism who has a bathroom routine made it hard; he goes to the bathroom (whether he really has to or not) before everything he does. This includes: watching TV (bathroom) going outside to play (bathroom) going to eat (bathroom) going out (bathroom)  waking up (bathroom) going to bed (bathroom) and so on. And so just when the toilet would finally stop running, Max would go to the bathroom and forget not to flush and it would start all over again. Argh! This meant that the toilet would be literally running all day.

That's ok though, because it's what finally made Dennis give in and save up for a toilet. :-)

The cover of the tank is missing--the owners must have taken it with them. Also needed to pull the chain anyway.
Dennis was dreading this project because putting in a new toilet can be very tricky. Those of you who have put in toilets probably already know this. Those of you who haven't (like me) probably don't understand why, and to be honest, I still don't get it. The hardware stores make it look very easy with their simple 3 step system that they show with pictures. Unbolt the toilet, get one of those wax thingies, put the toilet back on, wal-lah! You have a new toilet. But it never works that way for Dennis, and he is a handy guy.

With the old house, we replaced our toilet and it didn't go well. I really don't know what went wrong, all I know is that Dennis had to go to the hardware store about 3 different times to get saws, wax rings and bolts--and he was saying some choice words that I won't repeat.

It didn't go well this time either. This time, he had to "break off" toilet as he predicted and in the process of using what I assume was a saw (or whatever it takes to break off a toilet), he sliced his finger. He is a machinist and is used to getting cuts and I'm used to seeing gashes all over his hands from work  (though still get grossed out by them), so it's never a concern when Dennis comes up washing off his hands and getting a band aide. But this time, he came up the steps sounding very serious when he said, "Get me a cloth and help me wrap up my finger. I need stitches." What I saw was nothing but blood and it was dripping everywhere. I had to clean up the trail of blood on the floor, in the sink and even on the towel stand that holds the paper towels. I did pretty good holding in my squeamishness while wrapping up his finger with wet bandages but got a little sick to my stomach after he left. (He wouldn't let me drive him.) I actually had a moment when I felt faint and like I was going to hurl. I don't know when I turned into such a girl about these things; I used to have a very strong stomach when working in the hospital and nursing home. I guess I have turned into a wimp!

Two hours later, he was back with 4 stitches. I admit to still being squeamish even about that, though I do help him put his band aid on after cleaning it.

Now Dennis was down one finger and we were down one toilet. I tried not to mention that fact as I looked sadly at our new toilet still sitting in the box and a hole in the bathroom floor where our old toilet had been.

So I was pleasantly surprised this morning after returning from errands to find that Dennis had installed the new toilet! Kudos to the man for not letting his injury stop him! I know it was hurting pretty bad because he had taken some pain medicine for it, and he hardly ever takes medicine.

Ah, beautiful nice white toilet! No yucky mouse droppings on it, dust-free, no rust!

Yes, we celebrate even the toilets around here because while we realize that it's "just a toilet", it is the one of the hardships of inconvenience that is being celebrated. One more problem solved, one less thing to worry about, like water bills.

One more project completed, just about 20 more to go!

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  1. I was feeling kind of faint and queasy myself after reading about the bleeding finger. I couldn't drive myself to the hospital when I cut my finger that one time, so kudos to Dennis.
    Congrats on the new toilet! I can't believe I just said that.