Friday, July 25, 2014

I hate dead fish

So unfortunately, Luke's fish died. Yes, I feel bad for Luke's fish, but seeing how they die (I would imagine like falling asleep) and have no sins on their conscious to be held accountable for, it's hard to feel too sad. However, I do feel sad for poor Luke. We told him this might happen, especially being new fish owners and getting used to checking on water temperature, ammonia checks and O2 water levels. Who knew so much work was involved in taking care of a fish? So now of course, I'm worried about the other two fish (Lucy's fish and Luke's other fish) because Lucy's fish is trying to eat Luke's fish. Whatever was wrong with his fish, I don't want her fish going belly-up next.

Ironic, isn't it? It's easier to take care of five children and keep them alive than it is to keep a fish alive for four days. I think this might be my new come-back when people gasp over how many kids I have.

"How do you DO it?!?!"
"It's easier than taking care of a fish!"

He gets to be the one to flush it down the toilet. It's ok, he wants to. Thank goodness because this is an area I tend to be very squeamish about.

And yes. We caved and told Luke we will get him another fish. They are only $2 each. However, if the other two die then I'm not sure what we will do. Obviously, we went wrong somewhere. From what I've read (surprising there's a lot of material on how to take care of goldfish), it could be water issues, too much ammonia, water's too warm, fish are over-fed, fish are just sleeping (some just float) fish could have bladder swimmer's disorder, fish have been too stressed, or the fish was just sick. There is even medicine for fish, which is not recommended until you are absolutely sure the fish is actually sick, and not dying from any of those other reasons I just mentioned. In which case, by the time you get it figured out, your fish usually is dead.

As Luke was crying his eyes out, I was thinking to myself, "we should just get a dog." They are so much easier. Lots of work but you don't have keep them alive, other than feeding them and getting them their shots.

And that is our fish story.

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  1. My condolences on the dead fish. Bummer.
    How in the world does one diagnose a fish with bladder swimmer's disorder? I don't even know what that is.
    It's not good that Lucy's fish is trying to eat Luke's remaining fish. My goodness - you got material for a dramatic t.v. series right there in one fish bowl.