Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Screens!

As we wait for the new floor to be installed (yes, the carpet was finally ordered just yesterday, now we need to wait for it to ship), we've turned our attention to other things which are smaller projects but no less important.

New screens for instance. Holes in screens usually aren't a huge deal because you figure that you just won't use that window. Well, what if nearly every screen in the house had some sort of tear or hole in it--or was just missing, like in the boys window?? That means out of all the windows in this house (and there are a lot) we could only open two--the bay window and the window in the foyer. Thank goodness for those two windows because air conditioning in this house is only in the living room.

Getting screens fixed are about $20 a piece, so we've been able to only do a few at a time. The screen door to the balcony was also broken and we had that fixed ($30) and of course a few days later, the kids punched right through it. So we got that fixed again and this time the people working on it glued it down.

Anyway, not the most exciting update maybe, but the break from big projects has been nice. Not to mention having the windows open with a nice cross-breeze is especially nice and refreshing. Makes for a nice nap on the couch. :)

The carpet  being installed is next on the list; like I said it was finally ordered yesterday. It was supposed to be ordered days ago, but all this stuff with the previous order and who-is-going-to-pay-what has put everything in stall while they try to figure it out. I finally called Better Business Bureau not to be a bully, but because this has gone on long enough. So many things have gone wrong with our order and to purposely delay it to try to get matters figured out for days and days just doesn't sit right with me. So we told them to split our order up; to send us our carpet and figure out who is going to pay for the tile. I could really care less about the tile at this point, I just want a floor.

And to tell the truth, as happy as I am to hear that the carpet is finally on it's way, certain bigger things that have happened lately has made me look at my problems as they really are--meaning that they are small. Really small. Annoying maybe, but small. Like gnats.

And as long as I'm on the subject of Sarah, there is a fundraiser going on for her kids. If you're able to give, please do. And if you can't afford it right now, consider having a Mass said for Sarah Hawkins.


  1. They JUST ordered the carpet?!?!?!?

    You are very lucky to have new screens and a lovely cross breeze. I don't have a cross breeze in my apt. and need to keep the a/c on most of the summer. And combine a lovely summer cross breeze and a nap on the couch and well, that is a gift from God and problems can just go away for a while.

  2. Agreed.

    And yes, they just ordered the carpet. They really fell off the wagon on this one.