Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's New

So life has been really busy lately. Here is what's new over here:

My Etsy sales are down by half of what I had last year, and I considered last year a pretty bad year. Not sure how much longer I'll be doing this is it keeps going down.

We had Dennis's eye surgery done yesterday. It was a cornea eye transplant. It went pretty well but the recovery has been hard. He can be up and around as much as he wants but if he uses his eyes too much, they get tired and irritable so he ends up laying down much of the day. There's a lot of drainage and we found out that he may need more stitches in his eye, which isn't good. This means more pain and a longer recovery.

In the meantime, everything else seems to be happening at the same time of Dennis's recovery and my being a "single-parent." I have two Christmas concerts to go to this week--alone. I went to Lucy and Luke's yesterday and brought Anna, which was a mistake. We were jammed in the bleachers where you have to be a contortionist to sit. A lot of parents gave up halfway through just to stretch their legs and get some air. It's definitely way too hot in that gym.

Today was Anna's Christmas concert at church and I just got back from there. Again, Dennis could not come with; he can't handle the kids at all, as just a simple jarring of his eye could knock his stitches loose or at the very least, cause him a lot of pain. So for now and for as long as necessary, I handle all the kids behaviors, which include the tantrums. And Henry threw a lot of them. I should have left him at home. But I couldn't because...

...Luke is sick. Very sick. He came home today with 105 temperature. You read that right. Today of all days, when I feel like I can't handle any more sick people or stress. However, when you pick up your kid from school, and he's so pale he looks dead, and shivering so hard that you can see the shivering through a thick winter jacket, and he's so dizzy that you have to lead him to the car with baby steps because he can't walk fast, then you lose all sense of what you have been through to go "the extra mile" for your kid. Because that's just the power of love.

So Dennis stayed with Luke while I took the kids to the concert. Thankfully, Luke's temperature has been going down as the night's gone on, or else my plan was to take him to Urgent Care right after the concert. I worried about him the whole time I was at the concert, unable to concentrate on Anna's preschool songs and Henry's behavior. I kept thinking that I should have taken him to the Urgent Care right away except I didn't want to disappoint Anna. She had been looking forward to that concert all week.

So depending on what Luke's temp is when he wakes up, I will be doing my big grocery shopping trip in the morning since I didn't get to go today. We are out of food, although thankfully the neighbors have been helping out with dinners. It has helped a lot to not have to worry about making supper.

Also thankfully, my mom will be coming out to watch the kids while I grocery shop. As I said, he can watch the kids but not for hours at a time. He is on lifting restrictions so he can't lift Henry if he needs to. He also gets worn out very easy. So I'm thankful my mom is coming out because that means I don't have to take the kids with me on my 3 hour shopping trip. Which also means--alone time!

Later, I will have to go back to the school to go to Lucy's Fish Ceremony Award. Every month, the school awards someone with a "You've been caught!" award (thus, fish award) when a teacher catches a kid in a moment of doing something good or just being consistently good. Lucy hardly ever gets these awards and they mean so much to her. So when she asked if I was coming, of course I had to say yes. But it is just one more place I have to go.

Later, I will be going to Max's Winter concert since it's his turn to sing with his class. The school split the concert up into 3 different nights to accommodate the parents since the gym can't hold everybody. Honestly, I want to see him sing but the thought of being crammed in there for the second time (actually third time, after Lucy's Fish Award) this week isn't appealing. This is all for tomorrow, and that's not including that I will probably have to bring Luke into the doctor at some point to find out why he's having so many high fevers lately.

Friday we have Children's Adoration. I would skip it, but the priest asked Lucy if she would speak about her patron saint, St.Lucy, since her feast day is in December. So I have to go.

It is also her birthday on Friday and she will be expecting a little cake that day and a present. I haven't even thought about when we will be celebrating the big birthday party, when everyone comes together.

So it's been really busy. Sorry that I don't sound too cheerful right now. I'm trying hard to look on the bright side of things, like the fact that my mom is helping out tomorrow and that the neighbors have been helping with suppers. It's helped a lot and I don't know what I would do without them.

I just hope that Dennis doesn't need more surgery. That would be awful for him. He already has a lot of pain as it is. It's not easy for him to sit around the house so much. I know he would rather be at the gym, or fishing.

And I hope Luke will be ok tonight. I hope he doesn't have a high fever during the night. I always worry about things like that; 105 is the highest we've ever had for a fever around here and I feel like I should've brought him in long ago. But thankfully it's down now, though he still has a fever. Pray that there's nothing really serious going on. :-(

Today was a tough day, no doubt. And no doubt, it will be tough for the rest of the week. Tough times make us grow though, right? Tough times make us lean on God.

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  1. Praying, praying, praying. Oh, Becky, I hope your schedule has eased up some and no one fainted in that hot gym. I hope Dennis and Luke are on the road to recovery. Eyes are delicate and so are young children. May blessings pour down on you and your family. I guess we always need God.