Friday, January 2, 2015

Influenza, you lose.

So all of us presumably have had Influenza, although no one has officially gotten tested for it. I wish now we had because the result has only made people stay away from us.

I was the first to get it, and if it wasn't Influenza type A or B, then it was just a very bad flu. But it came with a fever, aches, chills, terrible cough. I didn't bother going to the doctor for it.

Then Max got it, slightly worse than me. High fever that lasted a few days longer than I had it. Bad cough that never goes away. I still didn't know about this Influenza that was going around; I figured he just caught whatever I had and it was worse for him. He missed about a week of school.

This was at the very same time that Dennis was supposed to go for his eye surgery. He was freaking out (rightly so) about everyone getting sick because he wouldn't be able to get the surgery done if he was sick, and only because our deductible has been met (well, last year--2014) was he able to get his eye done at all. We prayed that he would stay healthy, which miraculously, he did. After his eye surgery was done, he was prone to infection since the eye was technically still an open wound (it heals slowly so it's more prone to infection unlike surgery on skin).

Next, Luke became sick. He stayed home with mild temps and the same bad cough. After about four days, I sent him back to school. About three days later, the school nurse called saying that he had a temperature of 105.4. I picked him up and brought him to the doctor the next day--it was then that we learned he most likely had influenza type A.  We never got the test done, mind you. The doctor said we could have it done but he saw it as pointless since Luke's symptoms matched everyone else who tested positive for Influenza type A. Why spend money on a test that we already know is positive and can do nothing about, was his reasoning. So we just skipped it. (It also turned out he had a really bad ear infection which is probably why his temp had gotten so high.)

The last to get it was Henry. This came with a fever and coughing and vomiting. He didn't eat for five days (he drank a lot of juice though.) I finally brought him in on the fourth day, worried about the vomiting. We waited in the waiting room for an hour with a bunch of sick people. When asked why I wanted Henry to be seen, I waved toward the group of people and said, "He has what they have."  Presumptuous, maybe, but probably true!

We have finally been fever free for 3 days. Max's cough is finally getting better. Henry's cough is much better. He hasn't coughed or vomited in two days. Last night was the first night in a solid week that I have been able to sleep through the night without being woken up by someone's hacking cough, or someone vomiting, or someone complaining they can't sleep.

Lucy and Henry's birthday party is tomorrow and so far, more than half the people who were coming have canceled due to us have Influenza. I understand the worry, the fear. It's all very prudent and rational to stay away, but I can't help feeling disappointed for Lucy and Henry. Mostly Lucy, since Henry still doesn't notice the birthday hype yet.

It sounds like none of the cousins are coming. Only Grandma and Uncle Andy and Uncle Mark. We still don't know if Dennis's parents are coming. What originally was planned for 25 people is now down to four or five (not counting our own family.)

It just sucks. All that money I spent on food, ugh.

I do understand. Just very disappointed. But I have heard of children winding up in the hospital due to this influenza and even dying, so I do understand the worry. I'm glad I didn't know about it when my own kids were sick. Glad I didn't realize how bad it could get for some people. Glad God protected us, and will be more careful in the future about sanitizing and covering our cough.

But life goes on. All the more reason to sing Happy Birthday louder, smile more and be cheerful to help them both forget the people who can't come.

Lucy will still turn nine, and Henry will still turn three. We will still eat cake and there still will be presents to open.

So in the end, Influenza, you lose.

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