Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's Sunday

Oh Lord, help me. I feel a major "vent" coming on.

They say that when it rains, it pours. This is exactly what's been happening for me (all of us) lately. Rather than get into a huge long post about it, let me break it down in bullet points for you.

  • our van is dying.
  • our water softener is broken.
  • as a result of our water softener being broken, it has ruined (literally) our dishes and turned my hair blond.
  • someone is coming out tomorrow to talk us into buying a new one that we can't afford.
  • my phone is broken.
  • our TV is broken.
  • our water heater is also technically "broken", except that it's still working, but badly, and causing us huge water heater bills every month.
  • We can't fix any of these big problems, because we are in more debt than ever.
  • I am not getting any rosary sales lately, so I can't help at all.
That is my "big" list items of what is wrong. Now onto the smaller--but no less annoying--items:

  • I bought Henry a toddler alarm clock that is supposed to help him stay in his room and not wake us up at these way-too-early hours.
  • The dumb clock does not work.
  • Instead of the clock "ok to wake up" light timer turning on, it blasted him with a horrible, loud alarm.
  • Henry is now afraid of the alarm clock and does not want it. I have just wasted $40 on nothing.
  • I hurt my knee--by simply walking. That's right, I was simply walking and all of a sudden my knee went out on me. It's now swollen up.
  • I hurt my knee on a weekend. These things always happen on a weekend. Dennis works weekends, which means he can't help me. I get sick on weekends, I get hurt on weekends or we end up in the ER (for one reason or another) on the weekend. It is annoying.
  • My allergies woke me up early again. If it's not Henry waking me up early, it's allergies.

And the hardest of all, which doesn't seem fitting to go on either list, is that for the past six months, I've been having my period twice a month. This means I am hormonal twice a month. So I get maybe a break for one week to not bleed, ruin my underwear, crave food, get sick with my stomach, break out in acne, smell like a sailor (because I tend to sweat more when I have my period) and feel fat. Only one week. Because the next week, I am back to PMS'ing and driving myself and everyone crazy. And the week after that, I'm back to bleeding.

The other day, I finally bought new sheets. We only have one set and they have been ruined by so many washings and basically all sorts of elements (Dennis sweats a lot in his sleep) so I found some sheets on clearance that weren't going cost me an arm and a leg. I proudly put the new sheets on, and the next morning, woke up in a puddle of blood. I was so upset. So disappointed. My new sheets. Ruined.

 I am crying over little things, big things, or nothing at all. Once my pastor was in the neighborhood and thought he would "just stop by" to be friendly, and I was crying on the front lawn before I could escape. Needless to say, it was an awkward moment for both of us.

I have been gaining weight that I can't lose, and just feel ugly. I racked up a big bill on my Khols credit card to buy myself some badly needed clothes. I have not been shopping for myself in years and thanks to my separated tummy and getting fatter, I needed more clothes. It pretty much just added on to the bills that we can't afford. I could go on and on. But I won't.

It's Sunday, a day of rest. And I take these Sundays seriously. It's the one day when God says that it's ok to put all these things aside for now. I pray about it but try not to stress over it.

On Sundays, I take time for me. I still have to take care of the kids and get meals and clean up messes (you can't just leave cereal on the floor, right?) so maybe it's not as restful as I would like. But for the most part, I take time for myself. I read a book, or write an article. I ice my knee. I yell from my room "Stop fighting!" because it's Sunday.

Today, it's sunny and 70. This could be the last day of nice weather like this. Today we're going to go to the park and I'm going to have a coffee I shouldn't spend my money on--because it's Sunday.

This is how I get through my days when I feel like there's a problem everywhere I go. No wonder God created Sundays and made it a commandment to rest. He knows how hard life can be.

I'm going to go now. I am sitting in my robe because I actually took a shower today (progress!) I am going to round up my five loud children. I am going to make them go play instead of sitting inside all day.

It's Sunday.


  1. What size bed do you have? I know what you mean about ruining sheets.
    Stupid alarm clock. I had that loud alarm sound. I don't blame Henry one bit.
    How about a regular analog clock in his room? Let's say he has to stay in his room until 7:30 am. Maybe next to the clock you can draw a picture of of what 7:30 am looks like with the big hand and the little hand.

  2. I mean I hate that alarm song.