Saturday, December 19, 2015

The story of how Joey came tumbling into our lives.

So we finally got the dog we have been thinking and praying for about six months now. There are so many reasons why we thought a dog would be beneficial but my biggest reason was Luke.

Luke, my lonely boy who has a hard time making friends. He needed a friend and companion, someone always happy to see him and eager to please at home. Luke needed a boost of confidence and I couldn't think of anyone better qualified than a dog.

After doing much research and looking at websites and breeders, we finally went to the shelter to see what dogs were available. We hardly expected to walk out with a dog that day.

We saw many dogs, but most of them were older than we wanted. They were also big. Because Henry is afraid of all sorts of dogs, I thought it would be best to start off with a puppy. We also wanted a dog that would be a good family pet and something with a mild temperament.

 We were about to leave when we saw a couple playing with a puppy. They had just returned him to his cage when a volunteer asked if we would like to see him. We said "sure" and they led us into a small room where we could play with Joey.

He was cute but more than that, he was quiet and submissive. We found out he was part Shepherd and me and Dennis exchanged a look when we heard that. German Shepherds were one breed we were trying to avoid. But the lady assured us that he was not German Shepherd, just a breed of the Shepherd, plus a mix of something else but she didn't know what. That made me feel a little better but it bothered me that they didn't know what the other mix was. Kind of makes you wonder what you're getting yourself into.

It was not until we decided to get the dog and bring him home that we learned that he was also "Jack Russel."  Throughout the adoption process, people kept coming up to us and saying, "He looks like Jack Russle too!" Honestly, I had no idea what they were talking about. I thought Jack Russle was an actor I never heard of. Yep, I did.

It was not until Dennis informed me that Jack Russle was a breed. So I Googled it and the first thing I saw was this:

Uh, what?

The description then said how Jack Russles are known for their high energy and quick intelligence. They can be very stubborn and it's best to train them as soon as possible.

This was not the family dog I was hoping for. I felt tricked, yet I couldn't say that we hadn't been told that he was part Jack Russle. And I couldn't help that I thought he was some actor that everyone kept comparing him to.

My first thought was that we should return the dog. This breed is a high energy dog and needs a lot of exercise. If the dog doesn't get the exercise he needs, he ends up using the pent-up energy on something else--like people and furniture. I have already been through two family dogs that turned aggressive when I was a kid so I know what can happen if you have the wrong breed in your family.

But then, I remembered this...

And this:

...and I knew I couldn't return the dog without even trying.

My sister recommended me to watch the show The Dog Whisperer. I was skeptical at first, but after watching one episode, I was hooked. This man turned the most difficult dog into a submissive and calm dog.

For two days I watched his show and read his articles. Every question I had I would read up on his website. This man made the impossible, possible!

Anyway, it has taken me three days to write this post, so you can see how busy it's been. I had said, "How can one little dog turn your life upside down?" Now I know that it does happen! I've been chasing after him, trying to get him house-broken and cleaning up his messes. I've been mentally exhausted as I've been dealing with Henry's fear of dogs and trying to get him used to the new dog. Lucy's birthday is today and we had a party, and she has a piano recital tomorrow, yesterday was Family Adoration....the list goes on and on, and it's been busy. Oh and rosary orders. I won't even get into THAT.

Throw a dog into the mix of things and yes, life gets insanely busy.

But, for those slower moments, when you find your child that needs a hug or the attention that sometimes you don't notice because you're so busy, busy, busy...

That's what dogs are for.

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