Monday, January 25, 2016

Vanity of Vanities

We are now onto the next step of tiling. But before the tile can be glued down, it has to be fit and cut like a puzzle. This is the long and boring part. At least from the spectator's perspective.

In the meantime, we've run into some problems with the vanity that I bought months ago.

I had gotten it on clearance for $70 and it wasn't until now that we found out why it was so cheap. The entire sink was broken into pieces.

We were going to replace the sink but the unusual size of the vanity made our choices very limited. Then Dennis began to think that as nice as the vanity was, it was too "ordinary" for the bathroom and wouldn't match the rest of the nicer and updated parts.

So then we began to think about getting an entirely new vanity. My only beef with this was the wasted $70. Even if the vanity was really "upscale", it still was a nice looking vanity, and it was in good condition. I didn't want to just toss it out.

The new but broken vanity

Then Dennis had the great idea of replacing the downstairs bathroom vanity with the new one. Great idea! The downstairs bathroom needs to be redone eventually, but a vanity is a good start. The kids will especially be happy to hear that, as they call the bathroom "the scary bathroom".

Ugly, yes?

Getting back to the upstairs bathroom, Dennis picked out a vanity that he liked at the store that he really liked. Usually what he picks out is too much on the plain side, but I really liked this one. We had originally wanted all white since the floor and walls are brown, but the vanity didn't look as good in white as it did in the dark brown. Plus, the white vanity is $200 more.

So we are ordering the complete set (including the mirror) for only $300. Believe me, compared to other vanities, this is a really good deal and they usually don't include the mirror!

Anyway. that's all for now. Tomorrow--hopefully--Dennis will be able to start gluing down the tile.

Sigh. It is so hard waiting.

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