Thursday, January 28, 2016


Oh, waiting. It is hard.

Everything was going smoothly until we hit a snag with the tile.

The tile seemed to be drying nicely until Dennis took out the pegs. (Or whatever they're called.) To get them out, you have to kick them off. So he got on his heavy boots and started kicking them off, and all of a sudden, a tile came loose. And then another.
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We put off the grouting to give the tile more time to dry. In the meantime, we kicked around, anxious to get things started again. We were hoping to have the grout in by today, so that it could dry over the weekend. But now the grouting has been put off until next Monday, which sets us back a day.


How we keep the dog and kids out

In the meantime, we've done some smaller things to keep moving forward, for instance, we plastered all the holes and markings on the wall. Such a small thing, but it has to be done for the painting.

I hate it.

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