Friday, April 1, 2016


With the coming of summer, my brain is working in overtime, making "plans" for house projects. Dennis is not so much a planner when it comes to things like this; so I come up with the ideas and then present them to him for a yay or nay. It seems to work pretty well.

There is really too much to talk about so I will just talk about the top three plans we want to do.

The Ugly Air Conditioner

Our house does not have central air, so we have this lovely air conditioner in our living room. No matter what I put on the wall to "dress it up" a bit, or to distract the eye from the air conditioner, this thing is still the star of the show. There is no way to hide it. Or is there??

I was watching the show "Design on a Dime" and someone had a similar issue with their heater. They needed the heater and didn't have any way to cover it up, so the design team came up with an idea of making an attractive "box" with doors to cover it up, to make it look like a shelf. When they needed to use the heater, they simply would open the doors.

So that got me thinking about our air conditioner. Long story short, we are going to either buy or make a bookcase. On the very top, we will make the same "shelf" with doors, so that it looks like a part of the bookcase. It should solve our problem of the ugly air conditioner floating on the wall, and it will also add a little to the blank wall.

The front steps

One thing I still haven't come to terms with is the lack of curb appeal with this house. It has a very flat front that makes it look more like a barn than a house. Other than adding on a huge porch to the house, there isn't much we can do (and we can't afford adding on a porch, at least not right now..)  But putting on some railings will help a ton. I've noticed a lot of flat-faced houses around here and everyone has added on some railings. It will give it some dimension. So that is a summer project down the road.

The Girls Door

Still no doorknob. Not one door had a doorknob when we first moved in.

With the bathroom project and replacing the door, the next door you naturally notice is the girls bedroom door. And it doesn't help that there is a huge hole in it. It has always been an embarrassment to us; it looks like we are some sort of angry family that goes around kicking doors in. I've given up trying to explain that it was like that when we moved in.

I know it's an embarrassment to the girls as well. Every time one of their friends come over, they always ask, "Why do you have a huge hole in your door??" 

So we will be replacing their door this summer. And then their room will feel much more homey, instead of a constant reminder of abuse and anger.

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