Saturday, May 21, 2016

Landscaping continues

We're almost done with the landscaping but we still have more plants/flowers to plant.

As I said, we got a load of dirt to even out the ground so the rain wouldn't run into the basement...

Spread it out and bought a few perennials...

..and added a few more. They are so small right now that you can barely see them.

A close up~

Grow little flowers, grow!

A month from now, hopefully they will spread out a little and be a little bigger.

Working on the border of flowers...

Still got to line it up with edging...

...and fill it with flowers. I would like to get it all done by June, but we will see.

The only problem so far is the dog. He likes flowers. He likes everything. He likes sticks, dandelions, grass and now flowers. But I have been watching him and so far, he has only gotten away with biting the head off of one flower (as I was holding the bag of flowers, he had the audacity to stick his head in and chew one off!) He hasn't tried to do that since; I think he's catching on.

But with the border of flowers, it will be more tricky. He will also probably walk right through them. Maybe we'll make a little space for him to walk through and train him to use it.

I did hear that dogs are repelled by marigolds. Unfortunately, so am I (I don't like them) so I guess that won't work either.

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