Friday, May 6, 2016

Shower Doors on its way!

Finally, the shower doors are on its way! I have the money for it, all we need to do is pick them up on Monday.

As we finally wrap up the bathroom project, we are looking at other things with the house. Summer time things. While Dennis is thinking about leveling out the front yard so we don't get any more leaks in the basement, I am thinking about landscaping. While he is looking forward to two truckloads of dirt and mulch, I am looking ahead to where to plant more flowers and bushes.

But first, we have to completely redo the flower bed in the front yard.

This is so sad.

I had discovered that weeds were growing right through our weed block and as I was tearing it out, the dog began to help me. He would grab a hold of some weed block, grab it with his teeth and pull until it ripped off. He even helped me with some weeding. He saw me grab some weeds and pull, so he began to do the same. The ones I couldn't get and gave up on, he would get right down there with his teeth and rip and spit them out.

I was praising him for all of this until Dennis pointed out, "You better hope he doesn't do that with the new weedblock we put in."

That's true.

As lovely as the dog's help has been, he also has chewed down a bush all the way down to the nub. Actually, maybe I won't get into that because it still gets me angry. That bush was not even a year old.

The only nice thing about a house that needs some curb appeal is that it's a blank canvas. And I can't wait to paint on it. :-)

See that brown bush sticking out of the ground? Of course you can't, because it's not THERE anymore!

But first, those shower doors!

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