Sunday, May 29, 2016

The backyard

Well, the front yard is halfway done though there is still more work to do. It is not quite as daunting as the backyard though.
Going to fill up this section with some nice tall flowers!

Flower border is finally done

The backyard is a huge project; one of those problem yards that will take years to fix. The biggest problem is the lawn. It is almost all weeds, and even though we use weed killer on them, they always come back full force. I don't really have a picture to show you but I will try to remember to take some for the next post. What we really need is a professional to come in to take care of them, but, well that's why I said it will take years to correct the lawn.

But the backyard has some wonderful possibilities. One of them is the patio underneath the balcony. The previous owners had used the area for their two large dogs and a place to store their garbage. It was very nice of them to leave it there for us. It was literally piled nearly up to the ceiling.

Once it was cleared out, I noticed it had a very nice layout of both cement and garden plots--which gave me an idea...   

First year

From the inside

We decided to turn the area into a three season patio. We started this project last year.

It took a lot of lattice and screen and it took nearly all summer to do it, but it got done--for the most part.

Nearly done

This year, we will be focusing on finishing the patio project.  We have all the lattice on and all the screen in place (including the screen door.)

Except for this little area, which Dennis will put in double doors for storage use during the winter. It's our compromise--I get to use the patio for relaxation during the spring and summer and he gets to use it for storage during the fall and winter.

This is the area where double doors will go in
Other than working on that, I will also be working on the interior and trying to make it a little more inviting and comfortable.

As you can see, some of the storage is still hanging around

Last year, I planted hostas in the garden plot and it worked real well. I also added little stepping stones to make it easier to walk through when I water. Needs to be cleaned out of weeds but I'm pleased that the hostas made it back. It will make it easier on the budget.

I hope to get the walkway replaced this year. But we will see.

This little flower bed here is a disaster with weeds, but last year I had planted some perennials and they instantly went into shock and died. I was so happy to see that they had come back this year! Obviously, it needs work with being weeded out but I have a lot of hope with this little flower bed and it should add a little bit of color to the patio.

So that, along with the ongoing front yard project, should keep us busy all summer!

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  1. Wow, you've done quite a lot with your landscaping. Enjoy the patio.