Thursday, June 30, 2016

This is going to be fun (the Girls Room)

Hopping in between projects, we are back to the girls room...and oh, I have plans. I am super excited. :-)

A "before" picture. With wallpaper

After about three weeks, I have finally finished stripping off the wallpaper.

It was a messy and tiring job. Boring too! Unlike painting, stripping wallpaper makes things look worse as you go, not better.

Changed the curtains to a lighter material. Instant light.
But I have plans in my head that I'm getting increasingly excited about. The girls couldn't understand my enthusiasm. Lucy said, "But Mom, it's looking WORSE, not better!"

I beg to differ. While I wouldn't say the walls look nice, they at least make the room look less cluttered. Minus the mess on the floor, that is. Before, anything that we would tack on the wall looked too "busy" with the wallpaper pattern. In fact, now that the entire room is stripped of all the floral, it looks bigger.

So that is how the room is looking right now. And yep, I agree, it looks terrible!

The girls told me the colors they would like for their room: blue and purple. Lucy likes blue, while Anna likes purple.

I also took them to Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago to "pick out" what they would like in their room--with the understanding that not everything they picked would be bought.

They picked out a few things that they liked, but what they both got excited about most was the Eifel Tower lamp.

I was like, really?? Out of everything in the that store, that was not something I thought they would be drawn to.

But here is what I am most excited about. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be gathering all the things I will be putting in their room--the Eifel Tower lamp (maybe--ok, probably), and a few other things that will look very cute in their room. I'm going to have them camp out in the boys room for a few days while I paint and they won't be allowed into their room at all. And then, the big reveal! I am  so excited!

I may or may not have been guilty of watching way too many home renovation shows.

It's going to be so much fun.

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