Sunday, July 17, 2016

Halfway there

After feeling like I've been getting absolutely nowhere on any of my projects (too many of them going on at once), I decided to focus just on the patio project for now. Also, summer is pretty short around here, we only have three months of summer to get everything done!

I am making some progress with making a new walkway. The best thing about this is it's something I can do on my own. I love getting rid of the old pavers that are cracked with mildew all over it.

A few weeks ago
Halfway done

I picked up a loveseat at Walmart. They went from $89 and are now down to $64. They are selling out fast though, so I figured I better pick one up now before they are all gone! The plant helps things look so much more homey and it was only ten dollars.

All we need now is the trellis for the backround.

I got the wall decoration from Micheals and stole the toolbox with flowers idea from a home improvement show.

The kids got the wall I just painted all muddy (though I'm not finished painting yet), and it does not wash off like you would think. Yes, I was pretty mad. But it did inspire us to buy some mulch.

It drives Dennis a little crazy when I do these projects halfway. You probably have already guessed that I have ADD, ha. But one day I am inspired to get mulch and the next week I am inspired to buy loveseats that are on clearance. It all depends on what's on sale at the time and if it works in the budget.

There might be a little part of me that is afraid to see it end too. I just love making projects.

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