Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dennis's Project: the Bunker

Last spring, I wrote about how Dennis wanted to convert the bunker into a "man cave." Well, because we were working on the patio project and the usual things that happen in life happened, it was put off. But thanks to finding some left over plank wood at work, he finally got it started.

He started off by tearing the Styrofoam ceiling down and painting the cement dark brown. He wanted to know what I thought of it,  but I thought it best to keep my opinions to myself for the time being.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do next," I could say honestly.

Then he took all the extra wood from work and began to torch it. "It's going to be awful dark and dreary." I thought to myself.

Torching the wood
And then one day, after listening to endless hammering, he invited me to look at his Man Cave. I was surprised--and impressed. (And relieved.)

He changed the lighting to help brighten up the room a bit, and though it feels somewhat like the inside of a shed, it also has a very warm feeling to it.

Overall though, I really like what he's done. I love the torched wood and it's brought a real natural look to the place. I am still waiting for what he plans to do with the floor though, he decided not to go with the tile after all, so I guess I'm in for a wait for that too.

He also bought a mirror and framed it, and made a few shelves for his weights. Definitely a Man Cave!

In the meantime, I have not given up on the girls room. I have been secretly collecting and stashing things in preparation for their room for the "big reveal." The girls know nothing about what I have bought, but I have tried to keep it within their taste and hopefully they won't hate it.

We did however, get the girls a door finally! It has not been installed yet, but you have no idea how happy I will be to see a real door for their room. It just doesn't feel very motherly to not have a door for your child...

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