Friday, October 28, 2016

How it's going

A quick update on how things are going with homeschooling:

  • Time for other things is very limited!
  • I have found that my own time for my school (dog training) is nearly non-existant now. I am learning how to fit it in.
  • Max knows how to memorize facts, but not necessarily understand them, which makes it a little tricky to know what he does and does not know.
  • We got the book Temple Grandin, How the Girl who loved cows embraced Autism and changed the world today!
  • My mom came over to tutor Max a little today, get a baseline for where he is and what she thinks we should work on. (She is a retired special ed teacher.)
  • We have goals. One being that he will attend the church's youth group. He attended one and hated it (I knew he would.) But we have a plan to make the next time a little bit easier. I will let you know if it works!
  • We are going to learn Sign Language! Everyone should know it!
  • He is going to learn algebra! This is his dream, to know the intriguing "pi" formula.
  • He is going to volunteer. This is still in the works. I will update in another blog post.
Most of all, he is happier. He is working harder here than I think he thought he would. He has learned that being home doesn't mean loafing off or taking as many breaks as he wants. Yet at the same time, it is flexible. If there are appointments that we need to go to, we can switch things around in school.

Overall, things are going well. There are challenges to be sure, and it's only been a week, but so far, we are happy.

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