Saturday, November 26, 2016

A new project

At this time of year, we usually don't work on projects. But this one sort of forced us.

After discovering a leak in the downstairs bathroom, Dennis investigated a little further and proceeded to take down half the wall, only to discover four feet of water-soaked plywood with about two inches of mold. He removed the moldy insulation.

Then he went into Max's room (which is next to the bathroom), and found mold growing inside his closet. Gross, yes?

Dennis has a very sensitive allergy to mold. You don't need to buy a kit to find out if you have mold, you only need to have a Dennis and you will know. His sinuses clogs up and he sneezes for days on end---even though he wears a mask. Anyway, when he began to sneeze, he knew there was most likely mold and it turns out, he was right!

Not that I'm happy about it or anything, but at least now we have an excuse to get that downstairs bathroom done.

We also discovered mold in the playroom. This wasn't too surprising; every time we get heavy rain, there's always a puddle on the floor, which is why we pulled out the carpet. The playroom is on our list to get done, but the bathroom and Max's room comes first.

This isn't a great time of year to do renovations and as of now, it's on hold until at least January, if not later. So we will be looking at this yellow stuff for quite a while.

I'm ok with it though. We need time and money. And in the meantime, ideas are forming in my head of a new bathroom design....

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