Thursday, December 29, 2016

Little improvements: new curtains!

I'm not usually into New Year resolutions, mainly because I make myself a new resolution every day to complete something. I'm a goal setter. :-)

But this year--or I should say 2017--Dennis and I agreed that we will focus only on bills to get us caught up. I don't say much about our money problems--I know everybody has them--but it's been taking a toll on our lives over here. Sometimes it's so easy to get off track and put the focus on making things newer and prettier to distract you from the fact that you're struggling. Sort of a false bottom. But one day, that false bottom gives out.

Well, this Advent I haven't done much blogging mainly because I've been so busy and I've been a little down about money. I had some interesting things happen to me and learned a few things. Honestly, it's been a tough month, but let's not get into that now.

Back to our New Year's resolution: get that $7000 credit card down as far as we can. Get that monkey off our back.

That's not to say that little improvements on the house won't still be happening here or there. Not every improvement or update to the house has to cost a hundred bucks. I plan to put a little more focus on the living room to make it more cheerful and comfortable.

For instance, new curtains.

Oh, how I hated these maroon curtains. At one time, I liked them. I bought them about five years ago for the old house. I thought that plain and simple was best and I knew that maroon tends to go with wood trim pretty well, so that's why I bought them.

But that was before we moved into this house, where maroon was in pretty much every room. Maroon and brown, that was all I saw! And so, these maroon curtains just made everything look even drabbier and darker.

These curtains don't do much to give us privacy. We will have to get some lacy curtains to fill up the gap so we don't have such a "fishbowl" that everyone can peer into and watch what we're doing.

But I love them. They have brightened up the room so much already, and they add a little more personality.

And so, that is my little update for now. I have it on my list to get a chair from Wayfair since that couch is too small to sit all seven of us--and of course, nobody wants to sit on the floor.

Next: a Christmas Story.

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