Saturday, January 14, 2017

Doorknobs and hiding in the pantry

For my birthday present, Dennis got me a new door. I had mixed feelings about this, but I decided oh well, I now have a door!

Actually, he got one for our bedroom and the boys bedroom. The gift in this was "now you don't have to buy one" (I think??)

Anyway, the door project is now done, and a finished project is always good. I waited until we got the doorknobs and everything before doing a brag post.

Henry really wanted a blue door. I couldn't reason with him on this, so as always, I compromised. We painted the inside of the door blue and left the outside white.

He is happy.

I can't explain how having finished projects make me happy. It just feels more "homey" to see doors that aren't busted in or old and falling apart. It's little things that we tend to take for granted.

And doorknobs. Yes, I took pictures of those too!

If I thought that doors were great, I can't even begin to explain the joy I have in being able to close a door and keep it closed. No more kids peering through the hole of where a doorknob should have been asking "what am I doing in there"?? No more just busting in because you can. No more dog pouncing or nudging his way in. (A cruel surprise when he tries to pounce on it and he winds up on the floor.)

And it even has a lock!

This video that I've posted down below reminds me a lot of me huddling in my room--with either my back pressed against the door or furniture pushed against it--trying to just get a few moments to myself. Admittedly, those days are getting to be fewer and fewer as the kids get older, although, as I type this, I have 12 year old pressed against the outside of my door, waiting for me to come out. (I can hear him sighing.) 

Now you see why doors and doorknobs (and locks) make this post worthy.

Thank you for those who reached out to me in my last post. I was actually really surprised, and I don't mean that as a negative comment to anyone. I just honestly thought it was spam that reads my blog, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that it is people after all.

And now, the video that made me laugh. We need light (and honest) moments like this; we are not alone! (Literally.)

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