Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 6

I have noticed every time I say a novena, things begin to happen. And usually, they aren't pleasant things. Fights break out, backlash happens. But even other things happen, a revelation of your own weakness and a knowledge and understanding of the problem you are presenting. And an acceptance of what you have to accept.

Things happened today. They weren't good things and I don't think I should talk about them in a public blog. But it didn't surprise me; like I said, backlash always happens when I pray a novena and sometimes I'm afraid to continue it.

But after the terrible things happened, good things came next, and I counted this as my answered prayer for Day six.

Today, Luke's Principal called and suggested something that I had wanted all along but was too afraid to ask as it seemed like an impossible request: she suggested that instead of Luke starting school at 8:30 every day, that he start at 10:00. This will give him time to sleep in if he needs it, time for drs appointments and therapies. It also means that we will get rid of one of Luke's biggest stressers which is "Specials" (the add-ons classes.) I haven't totally understood why Specials are such big stressers for Luke--I always liked them when I was a kid. But we are all different and it was a treat to see the relief on his face when I told him all of this and he said, "Oh, thank you, Mom! Thank you!"

(I didn't steal the credit, I told him it was the school's idea.)

This is a huge answer to prayer and not one that I even bothered praying for. I didn't think it was something the school would ever consider. I wasn't expecting "special treatment" for Luke but I must admit that this has helped relieve so many of my worries--primarily his mental well-being and rest--so much.

It is another prayer answered. I am sort of scared of what Day 7 may bring and yet looking forward to it to. All I am asking for in this novena is peace of mind, grace of acceptance, and courage to deal with what lies ahead (in social aspect for Luke.) And of course, a cure. It never hurts to ask.

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