Sunday, May 7, 2017

Small improvements: the downstairs bathroom

Much of the work that is being done in the downstairs bathroom is done by Dennis, things I can't really contribute to.

Dry wall in: check.

But, I can always paint!

When Dennis informed me that the bathroom was ready to be painted, I was excited--it is the one area that I can do on my own.

I picked out a sandy-gray color with a green undertone to it. I call it: "The color that really isn't a color." I mean, what color is this???

With the green floor and the bad lighting, I couldn't figure out if this was gray or a very light green. Now that it's dry, it almost looks blue-ish.

Still don't know what we're planning on doing with this thing...

Dennis told me there's no way of undoing this awkwardly placed light bulb. Maybe a trendy cage light??

Well, anyway, it's painted (after the second coat is done.) Which is exiting because that means that the floor will come in next! Finally, the tile that I bought a year ago will finally be put to use! Whoo-hoo!

Next: the floor.

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