Friday, June 2, 2017

Patio Project, Anniversary Present and Max's Poor Room

There is a lot going on this summer with projects. A lot of it is just wrapping up last year's projects--for instance, the bathroom.

Then, there is the ongoing patio project. Every summer I predict that we will be "finished" but we always run out of time (and money.)

So, this year, we're going to finally add a sliding door like we had planned with this big open space.

We're also going to be replacing all the screens, as they have all fallen off during the winter. This time, we're going to use wire screen instead of the plastic stuff.

I'm going to finally finish paving the walkway as well. I'm just five pavestones away to be done.

I'm so glad to get rid of this stuff. Half of it covered in mildew or mold, I'm not sure which.

Now for my Anniversary present!

Dennis gets wood for free at his work (scrap wood) and he often uses it for his projects (like in the Bunker) so I asked him to make me a buffet table for the patio space. It's not finished yet, just the frame is up, but you can already see it coming to life.

This is going to be used as a bookshelf/snack table. I'm going to have some fruits (in a tightly sealed container of course) and a big jug of juice for snack time when the kids are out playing. And the bookshelf will be underneath with a few spiritual books for reading.


I can't wait until it's done.

And now Max's room. Poor, poor Max's room.

So just like the girls room, Max's room is a mess. We can't get to every room at once, but still, you can't help feeling guilty.

This room just basically gave up and died. I mean it. If there was a picture of a dying room, this would be it.

It has no carpet, because there was a huge leak in the bathroom, and soaked his carpet, making it moldy so it had to ripped out.

He doesn't even have a decent bed, but we're still working on that.

His door is falling off its hinges.

That pile of laundry is a door stop, since the door won't stay closed and there's no doorknob

Literally falling off its hinges.

Max came up to me today and said, "Mom, can I have a new door? Mine is falling down." Good grief.

Even his closet doors gave up and died. Sometime during the night, they just fell off it's hinges and fell right on top of him. While he was sleeping. Rude awakening, right?

So yes, Max needs a new room. Or a room make-over. But like everything else, I can only get one thing at a time. But I promised him a door. I can at least do that much--for now.

Later this summer, we're going to paint it his favorite colors: green and purple.
That's going to take some creative design on my part.

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