Friday, May 30, 2014

Moving In

Since I just posted yesterday, this one will be short. Besides that, I'm being interrupted constantly by the kids.

We closed on the house today and received the keys. A momentous moment. :-) Actually, all they said was, "Here are the keys" and handed them over and that was it. But I made it momentous in my head.

I won't make this out like a fairy tale or something with us cheerily moving into the house. I was excited but the kids came home out of sorts. It was Track and Field Day at school and the kids were hot, thirsty and tired. I was excited to bring the kids to the house so they could see it again but some of them didn't want to go. We went anyway.

Once we were at the house, everyone cheered up. Dennis and a friend had been dropping off furniture all afternoon, and even though it was basically standing in cluttered corners with boxes heaped on top of each other, the kids were excited to see something familiar in a place that was still unfamiliar to them. Henry especially got excited over seeing the couch, the chairs, and even found a bag of toys where he pulled out his toy popper and popped it all over the house.

The kids ran all over the house, exploring their rooms, the kitchen, the basement, the garage and the backyard. They were excited over the balcony and the girls were especially excited that their window faces the balcony, so they can look out at it any time they want.

Other than that, the house was still dirty, smelled bad of cat pee (or dog pee, according to some,) with the same banged up doors and walls everywhere. But this time, with our furniture heaped up against the walls, it felt a little more like home.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary--we will be celebrating 11 years. Dennis got off easy this year, claiming that the new house is my anniversary gift. Right back at ya. Two can play at that game.

And how fitting it was that our mortgage guy (ok, it's time to start calling him Dan,) gave us two bottles of wine to celebrate our new house together. He bought some wine and printed out a picture of our house and pasted it on the bottle.

Eleven years of marriage, and a brand new beginning in a new house. :-)

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  1. How appropriate that you guys are moving into a new home and starting a new chapter in your marriage on your anniversary! Cheers! We wish you all good things in the years to come.