Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A or B?

I never take pictures of myself. I don't usually take good pictures. But this Rover.com makes you take a headshot of yourself, preferably with your dog, so I had no choice. And so, I hired Max as my photographer and we took many pictures.

At first, I had the idea of having both dogs give me a lick on the face at the same time as a "fun" picture. So I put butter on my cheeks--and neither dog would lick me! Thank you, Joey and Ace, I will most likely break out now.

This is a forced lick from Joey. Like a "ok, ok, I'll lick you" lick. Obviously I couldn't use this one.

This is me trying to keep the dogs from trying to lick EACH OTHER. They wouldn't lick butter off my face, but they would lick each other.

More licks. C'mon, you guys, break it up!

This is me saying, "Kiss, Joey! Kiss!" Luckily, he knows how to lick on command. But as you can see, he doesn't look happy about it. So this was garbage too.

Now here I am, begging him to be affectionate with me. Look how annoyed Joey looks. Look how lazy Ace looks.

Now this is me, trying to do a laydown shot with the dogs. Here, Ace already wandered off, and Joey, thinking that I want to play, is kicking me in the face. I look like I'm enjoying it, but I'm not.

At this point, I ask Max if he would like his picture taken with Ace. Look how easy he makes it look! (Joey has been fired.)

At this point, I'm inspired to try it Max's way. Just simply sit with the dog and smile.

We got a few good shots, though Joey photo bombed it in the backround...

This is me saying through gritted teeth, "Stop focusing on Joey!" to Max because he kept giggling at what Joey was doing. (Notice him rolling around in the dirt!)

I got a few useable shots.

I even got a kiss! Without butter! (Turns out baby talk works for this stuff!)

And then Joey started his nonsense again with sniffing Ace everywhere, so the photo session was over.

The winners: A and B. Which do you think?

Picture A:

Picture B:


  1. A!!! You are SO cute!!! I loved this!!

  2. I think for a more professional looking shot where you can see your face well, I'd choose "A". But "B" is sure a cute pose... Can't you use both of them?

  3. Not for a profile, but I think I can for my header....

  4. Btw, I've never, ever, let Ace lick me on the face--not ever! This is the first time, as you can probably tell with my chin way up! He doesn't have the best breath!