Friday, September 5, 2014

New carpet is finally in!

We finally got new carpet installed on Wednesday. Like the door, it took a long time, but also like the door, it was worth the wait.

Henry even got to take a nap! By the time the crew left, it was a little past his nap time so after he celebrated the new plushy carpet with Anna and wore himself out, Dennis set up his crib and he fell asleep.

I did too. I don't know why, but I was exhausted  yesterday. I threw a pillow on the floor (the bed was not yet assembled) and fell asleep right there on the carpet. It was heavenly.

I am happy about the carpet and celebrating the new softness under our feet; but in the back of my head is a sense of foreboding--no thanks to the carpet guy who warned us that "things may not go well" when we get the tile installed next week for the foyer.

Apparently, if you are installing tile and carpet at the same time (which we are, give or take a week), you are supposed to get the tile installed first. I did not know this. Dennis did, but to make me happy (and to avoid drama, let's face it) he didn't say anything because he knew that if we rescheduled the install for the carpet, that it would be another few weeks or even another month of waiting. And after 3 months of waiting for a floor, he knew I wouldn't be happy. (He was right.)

I don't blame Dennis. I blame the customer service people that called to schedule the carpet first and then the tile. They should have known--or should be trained to know--that you don't schedule carpet before tile if it's going to screw things up for the carpet. So I hate to continue my complaining, but I'm not happy about that. It's just been one mistake after another since we started this whole thing.

But yes, I am happy about the carpet! I am looking forward to the tile, even though it will take three days to install. THREE DAYS. Don't ask me what I'm going to do about Henry's naps that day. I seriously doubt he can take 3 days of no naps. He's going to be one cranky boy.

Ok, the sun shining on the floor makes the plywood floor look much nicer than what it really is! 

I will never take carpet/floor for granted again! Three months is a long time!

St. Joseph, pray for us!


  1. Beautiful! Brave mom to get a light color. Can wait to see the tile.

  2. The new carpeting looks beautiful with the new door. Now, I'm dreaming of new carpeting instead of ugly apartment brown carpeting. Cute pic of Henry & Anna running around.

    Nice soft carpeting, perfect for napping. : )

    Seems like a post went a'missing. I was going to write something nice!

  3. Oh, darn! Yes, I took it down because it looked like something went wrong with Blogger--it said it wasn't showing page views even when I was viewing it so I wasn't sure if it went public or not...oh well!