Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We have a door!

We have a door, and it even works!

It took all day to install (not that I would know how or why it took all day) but it's finally installed. My in-laws came down from Superior to help Dennis install it.

Actually, my MIL and I just sat on the couch and talked. My FIL and Dennis did the work. ;-)


How do you like that floating door? I honestly never even noticed it until the door was installed. I said to Dennis, "Hey, why is there a step missing?!?"  It just never ends, I tell ya.

(We plan to add a step sometime in the next 10-20 years or whenever we can fit it in.)

 I do at least know a little bit of the process of tear out and install. I will tell you in "girl language.

The door was cut out.

It was thrown on the lawn for all the kids to walk on--simply because they can.

Then while Dennis and FIL tinkered and measured for hours and hours, there was simply no door at all and flies came in. Lots of flies. We have maybe 50 or so in the house right now.

Then they had the new door "technically in" but we weren't allowed to use it. This meant trying to keep the kids from being "helpful" and slamming the door shut which would have resulted in it falling to cement step and smashing the oval window into pieces.

When they finally had the new door installed, they had to install the storm door. This didn't take quite as long, but longer than I thought it would to install a door.

We also had one heck of a time keeping Henry inside. He found his freedom with no door and kept running out. My MIL has had a bad run of a broken ankle recently and now a broken wrist so she wasn't able to do much running. There was no point in putting him down for a nap with all the noise either, but I did find a way to keep him contained by keeping him downstairs, giving him a bath or giving him "breaks" in his crib, which he normally likes. We also went to Target to get a break from chasing/entertaining kids and the flies. 

It was a long day, but I kept telling myself that it was all worth it for a new door! 

 We also had the pleasant surprise of discovering that the storm door had a screen that went along with it! We installed it right away, enjoying the beautiful breeze through the screen.

And then, Henry--who didn't realize that there was a screen on--decided he wanted to go outside and he pushed right through the screen. That screen lasted a mere 30 seconds. Dennis said some choice words and threw the screen on the floor, but I'm pretty sure we can pound the dents out.

Needless to say, the glass is back on.

But we do love our new door.


  1. Beautiful door and it really does enhance the front of the house. I guess with the floating door a.k.a. low step that just means that only those who really want to enter and exit the house must put forth a little extra effort. See, it keeps out the unenthusiastic.

    I could not help but laugh when I read about Henry and the screen door. I hope Dennis can easily fix the screen and put it back to enjoy some lovely breezes.

    You and your MIL helped the guys install the door by giving them moral support just by being there. You let them show off their skills. : )

  2. Thanks Lena, and I agree about keeping the unenthusiastic out. Yes, it takes a lot effort and some flexibility to appreciate the house!

    I laughed about the screen door.