Thursday, November 19, 2015

Small Improvements

Our house projects have once again come to a halt as we near the Christmas season. We're focusing more on savings right now: I'm working on building up our nest egg once again while Dennis focuses on bills. It's not nearly as much fun as house projects but knowing that you're doing the "smart and responsible thing" does give you peace of mind.

In the meantime, we've done small improvements around the house. They are small, but the kids notice them and are appreciative, which makes it all the more worth it:

Small Improvement #1

After having our fridge for a year, Dennis finally figured out how to install the plumbing inside the fridge so that we can use the water and ice dispenser. As you probably have already guessed, it's a popular thing around here! The kids are constantly drinking water and playing with ice! (Which gets to be annoying since I find spills on the floor all the time.) It only cost us $8.00 to get the proper tubing.

Small Improvement #2

To save money, I only did half of the stairs. I'll do the other half soon!

We've added little carpets to the stairs. This was a cheap upgrade but makes the stairs that lead to the still scary basement so much more homey. I have more plans for this stairway, but it will be slow in coming. I've had a lot of compliments from the kids on the stairs, which again, makes it so worth it. Especially from the boys, who don't really like sleeping in the basement. The little carpet pads are only $2.99 a piece.

Small Improvement #3

This is mainly the pantry area. Our kitchen is so small that it's mainly cupboards and backsplash.

The kitchen! I have been itching to get at this kitchen for a long time now. It is our last room that still hasn't been painted since we moved in. I can't stand dark colors, so I will be brightening this up to a blue-gray that will work with the wooden trim. I am going to start priming it today--pictures still to come!

For now, that's it with the small improvements. Like I said, our focus has been on saving. It really hasn't been easy waiting--at least for me--because there is still so much to this house that needs some help. But it does feel good--and right--to practice a little patience and focus on bills.

We have so many plans for this house. One of these days, I will have to break it all up and write a post about it...

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  1. Hi. I am impressed that you were able to do the improvement on the refrigerator for only $8.00.

    Good for you on saving money and focusing on bills. I know it's hard with all the things out there in the world waiting for our checkbook.

    I received an email about ordering your book! I'll mention it on my blog.