Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Kitchen

I suppose it's  misleading to say that we have a new kitchen--it's just a new kitchen color. But to me, a brand new color is like a brand new kitchen! 

The old color doesn't look so bad here in the picture. But it was. You've just gotta take my word on this!

I love maroon as a color by itself.  I do not love it in every room though. And as I've said before, when we first moved into the house, the two colors brown and maroon were everywhere. It was so dark and depressing.

This picture here is to show this strange wooden thing on the wall. I've called it a stair rung because it looks like someone took a rung from a stairway and stuck it on the corner of the wall. This is not a great picture here, which is unfortunate, because I want you to get a good idea of how ridiculous this bed rung is.

It's been "floating" on the corner of this wall the whole time we've been here. It doesn't reach all the way to the bottom and it doesn't go all the way to the top. It just was stuck in the middle.

When I point this out to people, they say in a reasonable tone, "Oh, it was probably put there to protect the walls from nicks" as though that thought never occurred to me before.

I do realize what it's there for, people, but have you also realized how stupid it looks?!?!

Anyway, Dennis finally tore it off the wall, and yes, it left "scars" but we will eventually cover it up--with actual trim. The non-floating kind.

Here is the new color. It's a blue-gray, which also sounds like it's on the dark side, but as you can see, it's not.

Our kitchen is very small. This is really all I have for walls. Which did make it easier to paint, I will admit.

Dennis wasn't sure if he liked it or not at first. Let me tell you, there's nothing more annoying than spending all your time painting your kitchen just for you husband to say, "Eh....I don't like it."

It always takes him a few days to adapt to a new color. At any rate, he likes it now (a week later).  

I will admit, I wish the trim was a little darker. But, we won't even get into that.

So the kitchen is still not finished. We would like to replace the sink and faucet. Like the rest of the house, it's still back in the early 80's. More than anything, we would like a garbage disposal! That will come with the new sink--whenever that should happen. As with all our projects, everything is one step at a time....

I leave you now with Anna's two broken toes. She dropped a 10 pound weight on them.

 She's actually healing really fast and is nearly walking on it, only one week later. We still make her use the boot for now, but I'm pretty sure that even just a few days from now, she won't need it anymore.

This happy smile of her new-found boot last approximately one day until she realized the freedom she lost from it.

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