Monday, January 4, 2016

Doggy Progress

I have to post a little update on our dog training.

We've had some bumps here and there, but overall, it's going really well! This little dog is so much fun, and he's added so much joy to our lives. :-)  But they have to be trained well. The people who complain about their dogs have allowed their dogs to take over which means they weren't trained properly to begin with. Or, they may have a breed that isn't right for them.

Although it's going really well and we love Joey already (after only 3 short weeks), we still have a ways to go with training. We are taking it slowly, making sure he has the command we're working on down pretty well before we move onto another. So far he knows the commands "drop it", and "off". The "off" command is great for when he grabs onto one of the kids (or me) by their clothes and play tug of war with them. It can be really scary to the kids when the dog acts this way because even though he's only trying to play with them, it seems like he's being aggressive. So "off" is great for the occasional biting emergency!

I have also taught him "out" which means he can't be in the dining room while we're eating. It's pretty cute because he will peek from around the corner while we're eating. Afterward when we're finished, we let him come in to eat the crumbs off the floor.

We need to continue with "come" and also him teach better walking manners when we're out taking him on a walk. He still gets really nervous around other dogs and pulls on the leash because he wants to go home.

The latest accomplishment is that he's house-broken! He still has the occasional accident but that seems to happen only when he's overly excited or nervous. But for the most part, he indicates that he needs to out by whining or standing by the door. Our carpet is slowly recovering but for the most part, it's not as bad off as I thought it would be.

We are almost to our one month mark and after that, we are "stuck" without getting a refund if we need to return Joey. That's ok though, because he is now a part of our family.

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