Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Plumbing

Like I said, I'm going to talk about everything that we're doing with the renovation, and that even includes the plumbing.

Actually, there's not much to talk about. Working on plumbing means that soon the toilet can be put in, so that is the reason for a little celebration. After working on demolition and letting it sit for seven days, I am ready to move on.

Only a 15 minute job!

Honestly, I'm not sure how the plumbing ties into the bathroom. I had thought "plumbing" would go with installing the new toilet--as it's being installed. But the installation of the toilet won't come until the floor is put in first.  So if you're lost on this, you're not alone. But Dennis says that he has to "tie off" and "plug" the pipes. At the same time, he also replaced a few that needed it due to corrosion. At any rate, I really don't care if I don't understand as long as Dennis does. It means every little step that is done is moving forward to the next step.

This is the downstairs bathroom. The upstairs bathroom is right above it.

And every little step forward is a little celebration for me. It means that seven people won't have to share one bathroom for too much longer.

Next step, new subfloor to be put in! Let the rebuilding begin!

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