Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It does not help

So, throughout the three or four weeks of this renovation (I've lost track of time), I've been pretty patient, surprising both Dennis and myself. But I think I may have hit the bottom of the Patience Barrel today.

When I came into my bedroom, I noticed that the light bulb burned out. I asked Dennis to change it, and when he unscrewed the little knob to take off the dome, it suddenly slipped from his fingers and we have not found it since. I now have an ugly light bulb with no glass dome in my bedroom (the glass dome is on my dresser, along with a ton of other things) because, without that little knob, Dennis can't put the dome back on.

All Dennis said was, "Well, at least it's brighter in here", and I felt my patience run out.

On top of everything else that I have to live with, I don't need this too.

It does not help that I have a medicine cabinet and "storage" that holds all of our bathroom things cluttered at the end of my bed.

It does not help that my camera is always out of focus

It does not help that the dog is constantly stealing all my tampons and ripping them up. (Sorry for the TMI.)

It does not help that the bathroom sink lies against our wall, and Dennis trips over it in the dark every night. (Even though he's the one that put it there.)

It does not help that the dog is constantly chewing on things.

 It does not help that he figured out how to open my bedroom door. (I know, different subject. But still, it does not help.)

Chew up that naked Barbie, chew.

It does not help that we've had a bathroom vanity in our living room for the past week, waiting to be installed. 

It does not help that we have now added a bathroom toilet to the mix. 

Don't worry, this is the NEW toilet, not the old one.

It does not help that I am sharing one tiny sink with six other people.

It does not help that I have to use a bathroom door as a barricade, instead as a bathroom door.

It does not help that even though we are making strides in completing the renovation, that some days, it just doesn't feel fast enough.

I know this is what I agreed to, and it's still what I want. I am so glad to be getting a new bathroom. But there are days like today, when everything feels a little too tight, a little too confining.

So when Dennis added the glass dome to my cluttered dresser that is already holding brushes, soap, baby oil and lotion, and asked, "There. Now you have a new light bulb. Does that help?"

He was pretty mystified to find out that, no, it does not help.

Need more patience in that barrel, Lord.

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