Monday, March 28, 2016

DIY Project: Dining room chairs

Along with the bathroom, the couch and other things...I have always been embarrassed of our dining room chairs. Years of built up food have been permanently caked onto the chairs and no amount of cleaning would take it off. Not even Goo Gone. (This is the first thing people would suggest to me when I told them about our chairs.)

At one point, I even tried cleaning them with a high water pressure spray, and while that did take care of some of the food, it also went right through the stain too.

I guess what made it so embarrassing was when we asked our guests to "have a seat"...while fully knowing that they were inwardly grimacing as they touched the sticky chair and then sat in a very stained seat. (Some were able to hide it...others, not so much.)

One of my nieces made a big face one day when she gingerly pulled out a chair to sit on and then rubbed her hands on her pant leg. I noticed a friend of Lucy's do the same thing  another time. What is it with girls, anyway??
But, I can't blame them.
Lucky for me I had the terrible idea of reupholstering the couch...and then realized that I have no clue how to do it. Just as I was kicking myself for buying a bunch of material that I couldn't use or return (the store was going out of business and was not accepting returns), Dennis suggested, "Why don't we use the material to refurbish the chairs?"
The best part is that it's something that I can actually do!!

So I got my chair (I had to start with my own, right?) and we took off the seat. I covered it with the material that I was going to use for the couch. This was the fun part.
I don't know why, but Blogger won't let me caption any of these pictures.
Next, I had to sand down the chair. This was the not-so-fun-part.
 It was slow, tedious and slow. I know, I said that twice.
Oh, and it was gross too. That food was caked on there pretty well.

Lucky for me, Dennis forgot to put his electric sander away, and then things went really fast!

I used the paint from the bathroom that was left over...
...plopped on the seat cushion, and...
 ...there you have it, a practically new chair!
All the food has been sanded off, the material brand new and everything re-painted!
Only nine more chairs to go!

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