Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trim and Baseboards, part 2

We finally have trim around the door (and a doorknob!) and what a difference it makes! Definitely gives a "finished" look.


No more peek-a-boos!

A lonely shower ring left behind

Since the trim is a different color and also a different width, we had to replace the baseboards. This means that we'll have to change the baseboards throughout the house (otherwise known as the impending "baseboard project.") 

This is what we have so far. I know it's not very dramatic or anything. It just looks like a hallway. I will have to get some good "before and after" pics of the living room, where there's more light and room to move around to get better angles. I'm always stuck in a corner when I try to take pictures of the hallway.

We are not yet done with the bathroom. Everything we do is "as we can afford it" and thankfully these next few projects are small (not necessarily inexpensive though.)  The next project will be crown molding around the bathroom. That is sort of a disaster in itself, which you will see.

Today is Holy Thursday so I won't be blogging again until after Easter. Have a wonderful and thought-provoking Holy Week!

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