Friday, March 11, 2016

The Bathroom Door

Finally, we have a bathroom door! I was beginning to think we would always be an "open-door" type of family.

We decided to go with a primed six panel door. Much cheaper than real wood! I saved about $75. (They run about $100.)

Hallowed doors are even cheaper--about $75. But, if you have to shave the bottom of the door (which is a common thing to do to make it fit), you will end up with an open end at the end of your door. I personally would always worry about mice or bugs crawling inside--so we got a full slab door.

Looking lonely in the garage

Anything's  gotta be better than THIS door!
The shower curtain idea as a door was fun for maybe a day, but I'm ready for a real door.

(A few days later...)

We enjoyed having a "real door" for a day.

Dennis hung it to get it ready (for whatever reasons those may have been). You would think we never had a door before! Instantly the kids noticed it and said, "Wow! We have a door!"

Anna and Henry played "house" in the bathroom, taking turns knocking on the door and letting them in. And even though it doesn't have a door knob yet, we enjoyed having a little more privacy than we did before.

Then today, Dennis took the door down and we are back to the shower curtain. It was sad seeing it go. But, the happy news is that it was taken down to be painted. Once the tile is put on the other wall, the door can go back up.

We all agreed we like the door better white. But seeing that we have dark trim all over the house, it is easier to make the doors match the trim, rather than replace the trim and make it all white.


Besides, the new dark door will match the vanity in the bathroom. And it's going to look REAL nice.

Next week, tile. Can't wait.

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