Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Hallway

Flipping between projects here is the hallway. It is not really a project but it still an improvement to the house.

The hallway has gone through three phases since we've been here. This is Phase 1: The "way too much maroon and brown" hallway.

Then we went through Phase 2, which was the "better colors but the chair rail idea is getting old" hallway.

We took off the chair rail once and for all and decided to go with a clean simple hallway. So much better and cleaner looking too.  This is Phase 3, and hopefully the last phase that this hallway will go through for the rest of the time that we're here.

We got rid of the two tone colors and went with one, giving the hallway a nice uniformed look. Now I can hang pictures on the wall without being worried that it looked too cluttered and busy.

And yes, eventually, we're going to get baseboard. That is actually another project in the works. But first we have to finish the bathroom....

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