Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Bath Tub (with pictures!)

And so the renovation continues...(and on and on and on...)

Our plan was to start tiling the other wall, but after a lot of talk, we decided to tackle the bathtub next.

When we first moved in, the bathtub was so dirty that I wore my shoes taking a shower. I have never once bathed in it. I can't seem to get it clean enough. It's scuffed up, chipped, and full of stains.

Layer of dirt on the floor

To get a tub professionally resurfaced, the average price is $425, and then another $45 charge just to come out here because we live out so far. One more $100 tacked on for the work it takes to scrub down the bathtub.

So we're looking at over $600 just to get the tub resurfaced. Might as well just get a new tub!

Anyway, after a lot of deliberation, we finally decided to buy a resurfacing kit and do it ourselves.

So, we got the kit ($30) and next week we'll be working on it together. I agreed to do most of the cleaning (you have to clean it, rinse, let it dry, clean again.) And I will help with the sanding. (Got to clean it again after you sand it down.) But the rest will be up to Dennis, since I can't seem to handle fumes and these fumes are really strong.

(A few days later...)

So we have cleaned and cleaned the tub. Dennis did such a good job that I almost reconsidered going ahead with the resurfacing.

But, even if it is clean(er), it's still kind of dull looking. And I already bought the kit, Dennis bought the sanding paper, the tarp and all that stuff...

So we're going through with it.

(Another few days later...)

Oddly enough, this process is taking longer than the tile!

We tarped everything off. Mixed together all the epoxy (which is not as easy as it sounds), and finally, Dennis put on the first coat. Only for it to run out halfway through. Argh!

Let me tell you the fumes on this is terrible. It takes all day for it to clear out of the house. I even had Henry stay up from his nap, it was so strong.

Only one coat done and already the tub looks so much better.

I will wait for the second coat to be put on to post the full effect.  Can't wait until this part is over!

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