Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Master Bedroom

As we keep working on the bathroom, I'm doing small updates in other areas, such as our bedroom. To tell the truth, other than painting, we haven't done much.

When I first entered this bedroom, I had no desire to call it mine, much less sleep in it. It was coated with dark brown paint, covering what looked like was a maroon wall. It was dark and depressing. And honestly, a little scary.

But then I gave it a couple coats of fresh paint and it looked so much better.

That was over a year ago, and other than hanging a couple of pictures, the room hasn't gotten much attention since. What with so many other things being more of a priority, and no one really seeing the bedroom anyway--except for us--it just didn't seem too important.

I've heard people say that "the bedroom ought to be your sanctuary." I've always scoffed at that. But now I agree. I sort of need a place of my own, a place with no kid toys or dishes or mail piling up.

And even though my room is hardly ever least it's my mess. :-)

So we have been putting a little more focus on the bedroom, trying to make it more functional and comfortable. One of the things I feel like is necessary (for myself) are bedside tables. But they're all so dang small! And even though Dennis's side table isn't nearly as messy as mine, he's always knocking things off in the middle of the night.

I was watching a home improvement show and noticed that they had replaced the bedside tables with bookshelves. What a great idea! I was so excited I went to Target and bought one bookshelf right away (only $30!)  Then, about a month later, I bought the other bookshelf. (I have to spread things out financially.)

Dennis needs more stuff on his bookcase.

Takes care of a lot of the clutter, gives space for books and a place to charge your phone. Smartest thing we've ever done!

I went to Hobby Lobby one day and found this cool vintage coat hanger/shelf combo. Only $15! Now I have somewhere to hang my robes! (I'm always cold. :-) )

We still have more to do with the bedroom, like find some closet doors. We had to take them off when we first moved in because they were broken (like everything else.)

But for now, it's good.

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