Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Front Yard

Like the bathroom, the front yard will be an ongoing project, though not as big.

The house when we first moved in.

The house lacks curb appeal, and part of the problem is that it has no fa├žade and is out of proportion.

The house today
What it needs is a large window right by the other window...and maybe one on top. But we don't have the money for a project that large; plus, that blank spot by the window is our hallway closet. I've never heard of anyone having a window in their closet, have you?

But there are ways to cover blank spots up. As you can see, I made a small attempt with getting that trellis. I can't say it's doing much.

I also bought a pine tree that will eventually cover up that blank ten years or so.

For now, I am working on the flower beds. 

One lonely perennial

We had to dig up the useless weed block since it let in every weed possible.  We cut around the only living plant that was living in a sea of weeds. Then Dennis put down mulch by the side of the house. It dips down and causes all the water to flood our basement--which is part of the reason why we've waited to do any renovations in the basement.
Then Dennis went to some garden place that sells mulch by the truckload. I spread it out on the flower bed on the right side of the house. The one on the left side of the house (the one with only one perennial) needs more dirt to even it out, so we have to wait on it for now.
I had fun spreading out the mulch on the flower bed on the right. It feels almost like you're coloring, except you're coloring with mulch. You're turning old brown mulch into bright red.
The "right" flower bed. It has a few perennials growing already, so I have been "cleared" to work on this while we wait on the other.
Not feeling so good today
I have plans for this area too.
This boring walkway is going to be lined with plants and flowers. Or maybe just plants. With lights. I haven't decided yet. But it's going to add some curb appeal.
Henry helped me get started.
Yes, I know. He's throwing it in the recycling bin. I tried explaining we don't recycle dirt but he said we might need it again.
Dennis looked in the recycling garbage and said, "Who threw DIRT in here?!" (We cleaned it out later.)
But he was so PROUD to help. I couldn't discourage that.
Anyway, there are more plans turning in my head but I don't want to think ahead too much. For now, just the flower beds. And the walkway. We'll see.

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  1. My cousins had glass block windows in their closet. Maybe you can buy a large metal sunburst or something to hang on the outside of your house that will probably be cheaper than a window. The tree will grow before you know it.
    Yes, Henry is a cutie.