Friday, June 10, 2016

Front Lawn update

The problem with flowers is that they grow very slowly. It's difficult to update on things that take weeks to blossom.

We finished our flower border and added a few lawn lights. Let me tell you, those things sure do dress up a lawn!

Got a few more lights to add.

We also added a little white picket fence to our little flower bed. It is little, just like the garden. Hopefully by July, things will be much fuller.

Like everything I do, I am adding on as I go. Even those little picket fences can end up costing quite a lot in the end. Eventually, I will be adding in the flowers too.

I forgot to add in the flower bed on the left--I've added in more plants and flowers. It's hard to balance all this out!

I still have more plans for the fa├žade of the house; so excited to see it all come together!

Stay tuned! ~

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