Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day: the Man Cave

So as a side project, Dennis is working on the "bunker" or else called the workroom and change it into a "man cave." This came about when I claimed the patio as my "special place" for a sanctuary. Suddenly Dennis came up with a man cave idea.

I personally am not a huge fan of man caves because I always worry that if it's too comfortable (TV, radio, fridge) it would be easy for the man to want to disappear into his cave forever. And with men being the aloof creatures that they sometimes are, I didn't want to give them a place to hide out too.

But after thinking about it, who am I to say no? I am exercising a little trust here in Dennis, that he will be wise and prudent in his cave designs.


On top of this, Dennis declared that he wanted to make the design himself. At first I thought, what??? Not design a room? Be totally left out???

But, it is a man cave. And women are not the ones who usually are designing it. But it was hard for me to give in on this one.

Yet Dennis has not been able to take time or have the extra money to start designing his cave. As I have said in other posts, money at times has been extremely tight. Too tight for projects. For the most part, Dennis gives every cent he has to bills. It's been pretty tough for him, I know.

The very authentic "man cave."

As months slipped by and items of my wish list were checked off week after week  (the bathroom, the front yard, the patio project, ect), Dennis would mention every so often that he wished he could take time for his project. But then, he would add, that there just wasn't the money for materials.

So for Father's Day, the kids and I decided to give Daddy what Daddy wants: a place for himself. A man cave!

I went to the store today to pick out the tile he had showed me months ago when the man cave subject first came up. Thankfully, I liked the tile he picked out--even though my opinion doesn't count with this one.

Sideways blurry pic...
It just so happens that I don't have much money either, so I only bought one box of tile. By the way, those things are heavy!! In trying to pick up the box, I scraped my knee against some planks of tile that were sticking out and ended up getting a deep gash in my knee. Pretty embarrassing walking out of the store with a blood all over me, but maybe they're used to seeing that sort of thing at Home Depot.

The kids and I spread out the little bit of tile that I bought just to give it "the idea" of what it will look like when it's done. Just to give Dennis a little bit of a nudge to start getting the materials he needs.

We surprised him later that day and because he hasn't seen the tile in such a long time, he got all excited about it again. He began laying out all his ideas and plans to me, even asking my opinion on things! He even asked me what color grout he thinks I should use! Wow, the honor!

I was happy we did this for him. It's good for him to do some things for himself too. And in truth, it will help the house sell better when that time comes.

And if he can't afford to get more tile as bills need to always come first, there is always his birthday. Who knows, maybe I will go crazy and just buy the whole floor for him.

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