Sunday, January 22, 2017

The benefits of being wrong

It wasn't very long ago that I was one of those people saying that I "hated" going to Confession. I didn't like confessing sins and admitting weaknesses and I didn't really understand the point of it.

 These past few months, I've finally grown in this area and I'm beginning to understand what others have seen. The benefits of confessing, the benefits of being wrong and admitting it.
That every time we confess our sin, we receive a grace of understanding ourselves and others. And that understanding grows deeper the more often we go.
That God reveals our faults to the humble and those who are open to it, while the arrogant remain blind to their faults since they don't want to see it.
That, as hard as it is, understanding ourselves and why we do things, why we've been hurting, finding a root cause behind the anger or malicious thoughts or words, that usually there is a wound we never knew existed. And feeling the grace of God heal that wound.
That we receive a grace of desire to begin again. I don't usually feel like trying again until I go to confession.
That, through confession, we become stronger in our weaknesses. 
We become more like the image of God through confession.
That through confession, our understanding of God's mercy grows deeper (if we seek to understand.)
That our friendship with God grows stronger.
That it's probably the only time where we can still seek mercy from God, before being justly judged at death.

I didn't appreciate confession before; I had just thought of it as another "catholic chore" to be done in order to be on the right side of my faith. Thanks to my imperfect nature (haha), I have learned how worthy this sacrament is and how misunderstood it is.

I don't expect to teach anyone that reads this about my revelation of confession--they are the same things I have heard from others about why they go to confession throughout my life.

I just wanted to write it down, put it into words. To say that I get it too. I am grateful for confession. And I'm glad we have it.

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