Monday, February 27, 2017

Between a rock and a hard place

Part of my frustration is with the school. A couple of weeks ago, the school surprised me with a conference call accusing me of truancy. I didn't even know what this was until I got off the phone with them, haha.

Long story short, they hadn't been communicating with their own staff (their teachers) even though I had been, and they weren't aware at all of anything that was going on with Luke. His teachers told me to keep him out as long as I needed to and didn't advise me to let the Principal know or anything. So of course, this is what I did, thinking that as long as I kept them in the loop of things and kept him caught up with school work that all was ok. And then all of a sudden I get a surprise attack from the head honchos at the school, telling me that my story "wasn't adding up." So basically, accusing me of lying.

Things settled down a bit after I explained it all and they took back their truancy accusation. But now today, I hear that they have been calling my social worker and asking if she's "aware of the situation" and sent home a letter reminding me that Luke has met his quota of missed school days.

To make things even more complicated, Luke is having more and more trouble falling asleep, sometimes staying up all night or half the night because of this tick. How am I supposed to send him to school with no sleep?? I am daily caught between a rock and a hard place and this is why I am nearly always feeling on the verge of a mental breakdown.

I've requested an IEP with the school three times now, and three times they have skirted around the issue. I have no idea why these people, who want to be "kept in the loop of communication" don't want to work with me and help Luke so that he CAN attend school.

I would gladly take him out of school so that I can homeschool him for the rest of the year, thereby giving him the rest that he needs, when he needs it. But Dennis isn't really for that idea since we're already homeschooling Max.

So we are nearing midnight now and I can still hear Luke in his room, ticking away, which means he is still awake. I am groggy with missed sleep myself but I can't sleep, knowing that he's awake.

This is my life lately. This is why we need prayers. I have no idea where this will end. I just know it needs to end--and soon.

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