Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New school for Lucy! (maybe)

Ah, this year has been tough! From the moment it started, it's been hard. I don't think I've prayed or cried more for my kids ever in their lives than I have this year.

First Max with his things...(I can't get into detail)...and we had to pull him out of school in November. Then Luke with his stuff...and now Lucy. Lucy has been suffering quietly all year; her friend situation going from bad to worse. Normal middle school stuff, but painful just the same.

She went from being well-liked to now the most despised girl in her grade. No one will play with her at recess, partner up with her in school for group activities, and now, won't eat with her at lunch. It all started with her best friend turning on her and getting all their friends to turn on her as well. It hurts to be shut out. It is hard as a mother, to keep "mama bear" tucked in securely inside her nest. It's hard not to go off on these kids, who are such cowards. Why won't they be friends with Lucy? What's wrong with her??

What's wrong with this girl?? She looks perfectly normal to me!

"You have an ugly face." one boy told her. (What???)

I pray so hard for her all day, every day, especially during recess and lunch times. But every day she comes home with a sad face. Thinking that I'm reassuring her, I often tell her that I'm praying for her during the day. But one day Lucy said, "Mom, can you stop praying for me? I've noticed the days you say you prayed for me, are the worst days I've had." (Ouch.)

So we're looking into another school for Lucy. We're still in discernment, waiting for God to give us the go-ahead or not. This school could be worse or maybe better. Who knows? The only way you really know is to read reviews and get word of mouth.

Like two little spies, I'm going to pick Lucy up before lunch and we're going to check out a new school. We're going without an appointment--I'm hoping someone will be able to give us a quick tour on the spot. It's too hard to get appointments when Lucy's in school, and I would like her to have a say in this as well.

One more month of school. Two more weeks of MCAs. Just a little while longer with these teachers who I can't say anything nice about....I will need to go back to confession.

Almost done. I can't wait for summer.

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