Saturday, April 29, 2017

Decisions and a birthday celebrated

So Max is now thirteen years old. I remember hearing when Max was a baby to hang on to the years, because they would go fast.

They did--well, the first three years were slow, but then they went fast!

Bittersweet, but mostly sweet. He's still sweet Max. Gotta love this kid.

Puberty has been a very open discussion around here, as Max has had a lot of questions. He was a little freaked out about the whole thing. Especially that his voice was going to change. But he warmed up to the idea and said, "When my voice changes, I hope it's with a British accent!" 

Uh, not quite, Max! He was disappointed to hear it doesn't work that way. That comment all gave us a good chuckle, though. Cheerio, good man!

This is Dennis right before he pushes Max's head forward toward the cake. No, he didn't actually do a face-plant.

On a totally different subject, we had a tour of the potential new school yesterday. It went great. Though I know that it's bound to have it's imperfections just as any school, it seemed nearly perfect. I like that it's bigger, more diverse. I watched the way the students interacted with each other in the hallways, looking for clicks and any sort of bullying. I didn't see anything I didn't like, though I realize what I saw was  only a mere two minutes of their day. But though I saw occasional friends walking together, I didn't see groups. I saw all different sort of kids of different races, different backrounds. And as we walked down the hall with the school counselor, she greeted various kids by name. "Hi, Tyrone!" "Slow down, there, Jim!" How are you, Amber?" "When is your appointment today, Jamie?" She was very familiar with them, and they were with her as well. I liked that too.

I liked that they saw kids as being kids--that they give them as much time to blow off steam, no matter what the age. As we were walking past the lunchroom, we were nearly ran over by a group of eighth graders who were on their way to the gym. The counselor explained that after lunch, they give an additional ten minutes of free time to play in the gym if they like, or socialize in the lunchroom to burn off some energy before class. Just because!

They have a garden center where students grow vegetables and plants. They have a robotics class and engineering class. "Home ec", as would call it when I went to school, for learning sewing and crafts. Woodshop for boys--and girls--if they want. A swimming pool for gym class. Multiple clubs to join. As student council. A new WEB group (Where Everybody Belongs) where eighth graders mentor sixth graders and "follow" them throughout the year, helping them with any problems their having. It seems almost too good to be true.

It is big though. And I must admit, that part scares me a little. We aren't used to big and loud. We are used to small and structured.

Our decision is to transfer to this school---most likely. I've got Dennis's ok and the kids are all on board. But I'm still hesitant, waiting for God to tell me no.

I guess I'm scared of being disappointed. It has been such a tough year at our other school--but what if we are jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire? What if this school looks great on paper, but is terrible in realty?

So I'm continuing to pray about it. I have to feel God's approval on this too. I'm waiting for Him to tell me that it will be ok.

I'm still working on that trust thing, by the way. As if you couldn't tell.

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